Agents Welcome

I was very frustrated by the lack of assistance or leadership that I received when I first started in real estate. I was paying the desk fees and the big commission splits but I couldn’t figure out what that money was really going for. I was also disappointed with the lack of “team” mentality with the “big box” real estate offices. I am apparently not alone as this is repeated to me time and time again when I speak to agents who are interested in our company. Quite frankly MANY agents feel they are nickel and dimed to death! Not here.

Our training is second to none- Right Choice Realtors leadership team has nearly 50 years of real estate experience to make sure you are knowledgeable and productive. We provide our agents with incredible technology including HD Virtual Tours and more.

More importantly, we understand the need for Broker support. When you have a question or a situation that needs your Broker’s attention, we are here for you. We welcome your phone call and pride ourselves on our availability and timely responses. We champion weekly ABM’s (agent business meetings) and discuss agent ideas, workshops and guest speakers related to our industry that expand agents’ knowledge.

Call us today to discuss our plan and see if it is right for you. If this is your time, we’d be glad to have you.

Our Compensation

We offer a VERY aggressive commission structure that can go all the way up to 90% paid to you! You may also participate in ALL leads provided program from the get go! This set up is a GREAT way to jump start your real estate career.

There are no desk fees, membership fees, annual dues, transaction fees. Agents are provided with start up signs, a personal office extension with phone forwarding to your cell and most importantly BROKER SUPPORT. We pledge to be available to you during normal business hours and on nights and weekends at reasonable hours. We will return your call, text or email as fast as possible!

Agents are required to join local MLS, pay for E and O Insurance, business cards, lock boxes and personal advertising.

Please call the office for more information.

417 337-8703